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I have ordered some books and materials to supplement my study of Seeking Him.

What a tremendous study this is. It has deepened my faith and changed my entire concept of revival. I always thought if revival happened I would be ready to join. Oh my! Never did I think it would begin in my own heart. I look forward to each lesson to study the Word and then to make it personal.

I have given the book to ten women. I meet with my accountability partner once a week as we study and share together. Some of the women have started another group. Sometime soon I will contact these friends to find out their response. I'm anticipating the mighty work that God is doing through this study.

This Seeking Him study is consuming most of my life right now. When I'm not listening, doing the lesson, praying about it, or talking to others about what I'm learning, I'm thinking about how it relates to my life and how I can follow these godly principles. I'm so grateful! This is not an emotional revival, like summer camp where you get all pumped up, then the first day back at school it's all over. This study lays a solid foundation so that the revival goes deep into the heart where the life is changed.

I can't even begin to express the effect of these prayers. I have never spent time like this in prayer, and I have been so moved by the requests to God. You have shown me how to humbly come before Him with specific prayer. I am so grateful for the corporate prayer.


I prayed that God would move in a mighty way in my church, interrupt the service, bring repentance, an explosion of the Holy Spirit. Well, he brought 15 new people (our church has about 40), brought a spirit-filled pastor to speak on restoration, and everyone came crying to the altar to ask forgiveness of their sins. We are all fasting this week for the young people. It was such a blessing. I have faith that God is using this group in a mighty way, and I know that he will do more. Also, God put it on my heart that I don't have more because I haven't asked for more. What he has to give is infinite, and he wants to give more than we can imagine, but we HAVE to ask.

Kathryn, Davie, Florida

God has prepared me each week to receive His work in these prayers. For a long time I have cried to God to bring us together to pray and seek Him. I am so elated and so look forward to Saturday mornings. How I wish we could all be together singing His praises after these prayer times. Yet I know that the day is coming when we will all be together in the mighty choir, singing His praises all the day long.

Jeannie, Antioch

Almost a year ago, the Holy Spirit started stirring an anticipation of what He was going to do in my heart during the Life Action team's interaction in our congregation. I can only describe it as a cleansing and a healing. One precious Christian sister came weeping night after night, as did I, under conviction of the Spirit. When she told us that she kept seeing areas of her life that she needed to surrender and God needed to change, I could identify and told her that I was finding that the closer you get to a holy God, the more readily you see your sins. There's no way I could tell all the things God has done since that time in my life and the lives of others. It would take a book. When the Seeking Him series was announced, I knew I had to participate, because that's all my life has been about since last April. And, thanks be to God, all my life will be about from now on.

Beverly, Conover

I experienced intense warfare this morning. I didn't want to participate. But the Lord knew it was only emotions, not the truth of my heart and spirit. Once again I called and participated and felt refreshment and encouragement. Thank you, leaders and participants, for giving through the Spirit of God refreshment to a weary soul. I hope that there will be something to help us all continue after the 12 weeks, to pray and stay together.

Lisa, Greenfield, Indiana

I am going through the Seeking Him workbook by myself and listening to the broadcast when I can. I'm so excited to see how God is already reviving my heart! The timing for this couldn't be more perfect. This morning I just began weeping as I realized that it's God's amazing love that's drawing me to Himself so much more than I am seeking Him! What a gracious and loving God! My love for Him is growing already, and His Word is truly bread and water to my soul.

Kristi, Orting, WA

This week I started leading a women?s study on Seeking Him. I was so excited that over 30 women signed up . . . I knew ?they? so desperately needed a touch of God. I thought it would be good for my husband to go through too! What I didn't anticipate was the refining fire He is putting me through, bringing to the surface buried sin that I haven?t dealt with for years. Yes, it is ?me? who so desperately needed this study. Thank you, God, for Your conviction and Your Amazing Grace!

Tammy, Osceola

I have just received my copy of Seeking Him and have begun to work through it in anticipation of leading a group of about 70 ladies through it beginning in January. I have to tell you that it will only be by God's grace and the power of the Holy Spirit that I will be ABLE to lead anyone through this most excellent but most CONVICTING study. My heart is broken and I can't seem to stop crying over the depth of my sin and how I have disappointed God. I had the idea that this would be good for our ladies?but oh, it's me?standing in the need of prayer. Thank you for something I so desperately needed in my own life.

I went to my regular Monday morning women's prayer meeting this morning (13 of us there). Ten of the women were so excited about the Seeking Him for Revival series that I am forwarding the series to them each day as I get it for the next 12. They have such a heart to see God do something supernatural in our church, but we know that it must begin in our own hearts first. So, even though Nancy isn't heard in our area, she will be "heard" by these women, at least!

Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! God's amazing grace overflowed at our introductory session of Seeking Him. Many women said through tears, "This is exactly what I need!" I'm so excited to see what God is going to do through this study. I'm trusting Him to revive us all!

Brenda, Duluth

I have been listening to ROH for about a year now and have been so blessed under your wise teaching. Every day, if I am home or in my car at the time that your program is on, I get so excited about how God is going to speak to me that day. I have purchased your Seeking Him workbook and I am about half way through it, and it has shown me things about myself that I had no idea were there! I am so excited about the revival that God has started in my own heart. I would like to let you know that it has created such a ripple effect between my closest friends that we are starting a Bible study based on Seeking Him tomorrow night (1-19-2005).

Recently we began the study on Seeking Him. What a wonderful tool to lead us to His Word and to Himself. We incorporated the worship songs on the Seeking Him CD to prepare our hearts before our holy God. Tears filled the eyes of many as the Spirit began His work. We then provided the study guides "giftwraped" to each person and explained how the Lord led us to this study. We are excited to be studying God's Word together with so many others across the world.

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